MITL has a distinct work culture to achieve organizational excellence. The existing culture motivates innovation, team sprit, learning and sincerity. The management team at MITL values handwork, dedication and effective efforts and wants to foster an environment that reflects those values.


The software market of the company will be mainly in USA, European Countries, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan. There are enormous opportunities in the South East Asian countries especially in Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, and India etc.

Market Drivers:

Proper marketing management is one of the main challenges of success in a business. MITL is being producing software and other related services for local and customers in abroad. The strategy of focusing on the both market seems to be our priority.

Marketing Strategy:

To get a good market share, requisite marketing strategies in respect of quality, pricing, promotion and distribution should be taken. The requirement of overseas buyers should have to meet in term of quality and price competitiveness. The company will make contract with the foreign buyers and collect orders for Outsourcing Jobs & Software development through directly. Besides this reliable source and internet/E-mail/FAX/WEB hosting facilities will also help to collect necessary Job/work.

For domestic market the goodwill of the project will play a great role. Beside personal contract & advertisement may also be taken as & when required.

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